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Well jack frost has made more than a couple of appearances this month so I guess its time to start wrapping up warm.
I know this sounds weird and I know it is only a polystyrene head but it seems to look very content.

Dragonswann Designs updated their cover photo. ...

Special moments when working with your wife in the workshop.

Jackie: I don't know what it is but we are selling loads of embroidered bats, skulls and ravens at the moment.

Me: yeah, it's almost as if we were getting near to some event or something associated with ghosts and spirits and stuff.

Jackie: What? Oh.................. Shut up

Parts of this post may have been censored for more delicate readers 🙂

Ta Dah (other expressions of completion are available)
I suppose the next step, since apparently it doesn't count as finished until it is up in the market places where people can buy it, is to do the whole listing it bit but it's Sunday and sunny and I want to go in the garden and plant stuff.
Thought about it, sunny day wins, I will list it when the sun goes down (ish)
So was the plan obvious?

Almost done, just a name to embroider on it to personalise it then final construction. Is it obvious yet? ...

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